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An innovative grading tool that saves time and paper

Grade online and paper-based assessments using a platform designed for detailed and formative feedback.

Here's why leading institutions choose Crowdmark

Using Crowdmark has vastly improved the speed, feedback quality, and mark consistency of my own grading, and also my ability to manage teams of TAs as they do their own marking.

The remote submission workflow was a real lifesaver during remote teaching. Students found it easy to submit their work, and grading was much more efficient than in the LMS.

Streamline your in-class or online assessments


Transform how you deliver and grade assessments

Remote Assessments

Deliver synchronous or asynchronous remote assessments via Crowdmark for handwritten work, multiple choice and text entry.

Paper-based Assessments

Grade paper-based handwritten assessments online in the web browser 3X faster than traditional workflows.

Team Grading

Assign questions to Instructors and TAs to grade collaboratively through any internet connected device.

Auto-Grade Multiple Choice

Crowdmark automatically grades multiple choice questions and offers advanced analytics and diagnostics on the efficacy of the assessment.

Attach Resources to Enrich Assessments

Students can attach files to text entry questions to support answers. Files can include coding assignments, presentations, advanced excel calculations and much more.

Effective for Large and Small Class Sizes

Crowdmark scales seamlessly to accommodate class sizes from 20 to 2500 students.

Provide Rich Feedback

Annotate student work directly on the page with our grading tools, use markdown and LaTex to render mathematical and chemical expressions. Save time with our reusable comment library.

Advanced Analytics for Student Performance

See how students perform on individual questions or assessments, and see how they progress over time.

Integrated with the platforms you rely on everyday

Fully integrated with learning management systems including:

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